50 to 100 Startup Booster, Forstanderskapsalen, Sentralen kirs, onsdag, 25. september 2019

Welcome to this event at Oslo Innovation Week focusing on the pool of experience and knowledge of people 50 to 100 years. This event gathers Startups, Corporates, NGO’s, Governmental agencies and other organization working towards a more active, sustainable and international startup ecosystem. 
Norway has one of the world's fastest growing start-up arenas today. It is a thriving environment of entrepreneurs, investors and public support. At the same time, the companies often lack experience, expertise and network. We see a large unused resource of experienced people between 50 and 100 years; that can strengthen start-up businesses.
The experienced and competent group of people over the age of 50 is an unused resource that we cannot waste. This group has knowledge, wisdom and experience that can solve challenges. At the same time, not everyone in this group is aware of how much they can actually contribute. ****** people are often more innovative than the younger ones, and plan holistic solutions. According to a study by all businesses that started in the United States between 2007 and 2014, a 50-year-old entrepreneur is 1.8 times better off creating a growth company than a similar 30 year old. In Norway, 1 out of 4 entrepreneurs are over the age of 50 and have higher success rates than the younger ones.

onsdag, 25. september 2019, Forstanderskapsalen, Sentralen kirs, 50 to 100 Startup Booster

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