A Plastic Promise - What role can the private sector play?, Amerikalinjen, tysdag, 24. september 2019

This event will be looking into what the private sector can do to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic and avoid marine pollution. The private sector has a central role to play in designing products for recycling, influencing production, limiting waste and ensuring the handeling of waste in a sustainable manner, while working to find good and environmentally friendly alternatives to unnecessary plastic.
Attendees will hear about the private sectors role in contributing to smart plastic use, get an update from the Norwegian expert group on the EU directive and the reduction of single use plastic - a group initiated by the the Minister of climate and environment to ensure better cooperation with the private sector. Attendees will get an introduction to a guiding roadmap for packaging as well as getting the chance to be one of the first to sign up to Oslo's Plastic Manifesto. The event will also provide examples and motivation from four different companies already working on the issues surrounding plastic in the private sector.
By signing up for this event, attendees will learn, be motivated and leave with tools and contacts that can help in putting in place measures to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic and avoiding pollution.

tysdag, 24. september 2019, Amerikalinjen, A Plastic Promise - What role can the private sector play?

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