Co-existence with the machines - The skills and attitude needed to succeed in a world of AI,, onsdag, 18. september 2019

Passionately developing AI-powered direct messaging since 2016, is one of a few 'disruptive’ players in our market today, that already have made a real impact in the world of virtual technology.    
It all started in 2016, when they built a chatbot to create business value for a local bank, quickly realizing that going forward they needed to create solutions that combined the power of automation with human understanding. was named Market Guide for Virtual Customer Assistants by Gartner in 2019, which identifies key vendors in the Virtual Customer Assistant space to help transform the online customer experience.
you to an evening of personal, professional and technological growth where you can exchange knowledge and experience through socializing with like-minded women who are interested in AI. Things are moving fast in AI; by sharing knowledge and building the right mindset and attitudes, we hope to enable and inspire women to take part in actively shaping these exciting developments.
Camilla Gjetvik 
Camilla is the Chief Operating Officer of Having risen through the ranks as one of the company’s first employees, she continues to use her willpower, ambition and determination to grow a company that’s ready for a future as a global tech powerhouse. She was recently recognized as one of Norway’s top 50 women in tech.
Camilla will share unique insight into how AI is creating new jobs and opportunities in large corporations like Telenor and DNB, and what skills you will need to stay relevant and attractive for employers in a job market where the machines continue to get smarter and more sophisticated.

  Cat de Jonge
Cat is the VP of Service Delivery for She is an accomplished senior manager with over 20 years experience in delivering complex projects and change management programmes. She has exceptional communication and organisational capabilities with an innate ability to work across boundaries. Cat has championed womens’ development and leadership in every role she has held and is passionate about equality and human rights.
Imposter syndrome affects a surprisingly large number of people, but it is statistically more prevalent among women and underrepresented groups. Since women in tech are a known minority, the likelihood is that many Girl Geeks have encountered imposter syndrome at some point in their lives.
In her talk, we will explore this complex issue in more detail; identifying possible triggers and discussing a few powerful strategies that you can use to combat feelings of inadequacy and self doubt.

  Yrja Oftedahl
Yrja is the hosting manager of the "Power Ladies" podcast where she showcases women who stand out in their field of expertise through deep interviews. She interviews entrepreneurs to business leaders, influencers to athletes. Yrja's goal with the podcast is to have more women to go after what they want, start companies, become investors, leaders and politicians. She believes role models are the key to change the statistics for a low number of women in these roles. With her work on Power Ladies, Yrja has received the UN Student Prize 2019.
Yrja's also has a startup community background both internationally and nationally. She has amongst others been a Community Manager at MESH. Yrja's presentation is based on pattern recognition amongst her female successful interviews. She will reveal this simple strategy that everyone can implement and use to figure out and lead the life they want.

All talks will be held in English and we hope many of you will join us this evening! Sign up quickly, as limited tickets will be issued!  Wraps and smoothie will be served.


onsdag, 18. september 2019,, Co-existence with the machines - The skills and attitude needed to succeed in a world of AI

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