Crafting Circular Futures – Market insights and Circulab course, EGGS Design, tysdag, 29. oktober 2019

Welcome to a day with a focus on the circular economy
Pure Consulting and EGGS Design are excited to welcome you to a free business breakfast with a focus on the circular economy in the Nordics, followed up by an exclusive Circulab course. Both have limited spaces and requires registration to participate.
Crafting Circular Futures - Business breakfast seminar and survey launch on the circular economy in the Nordics
Join us for breakfast, where you will learn the most exciting insights on circular behaviours and market developments of 2019 in the Nordic countries!
The survey and report, conducted by SB Insight, is a mapping of the maturity of the market for a circular economy from the Nordic consumer perspective. SB Insight based the survey on the principles of a circular economy stipulated by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
 You will get insight on:

The Nordic 'consumers' attitudes, behaviours and knowledge about the circular economy
Leading international 'experts' view of circular markets and business opportunities
The potential and opportunity for circular business models and market solutions related to circularity

Also, Pure Consulting and EGGS Design will share circular business models, tools and some Norwegian cases exemplifying the excellent practice of circular economy in Norway.

Max 80 participants
We'll serve you a light breakfast

Learn to craft Circular Futures: Circulab course in the circular economy
10:30 – 14:00
Get a glimpse into the circular economy to empower you with perspectives within circular approaches. You will be introduced to methods and tools and have a gained a stronger understanding of circular business models, enabling you to apply techniques in your innovation work.  
The course is for leaders within innovation, service and product development, business development and strategy in the private or public sector.  
The certified Circulab instructors, Kia Klavenes (Pure), Ellen Øgaard (Pure) and Helle Moen (EGGS) will be running the course.

Max 30 participants
Price: NOK 1790 + mva
Lunch included

We use PayPal as the payment platform for our events. In Paypal, you can choose to pay using your account or you can pay directly with your debit/credit card. For the last option, you do not need to have a PayPal account.

tysdag, 29. oktober 2019, EGGS Design, Crafting Circular Futures – Market insights and Circulab course

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