Deeper Details -1 day Mediumship workshop with Colby in Oslo, Oslo, laurdag, 06. juni 2020

Deeper Details 1 day Mediumship Workshop 
Do you have a desire to receive more specific information in your readings?
Struggling with getting details?
Join Colby for this FULL DAY workshop focusing on deeper details in your Mediumship connection. In this class Colby shares the secrets and tips essential to building a strong connection with the Spirit world allowing you to hold the link longer and bring forth specific evidence in greater detail.
 A general understanding of psychic and mediumship is a prerequisite but the class is open to all levels.

In this full day workshop topics covered include:
Strengthening your connection to Spirit.
Differentiating between a true Psychic or  Medium connection
Building a conversation with Spirit
How to let go of your fear of being wrong
Developing the spirit story with details
LOCK N' LOAD technique (TM)
Receiving names, specific hobbies, memories.
Interpreting the information accuratelyTIME: 10.00-17.00LOCATION: Oslo, Norway (will be announced)COST: 1400 NOK800 NOK Prepaid deposit to account no.1206.86.66846 reserves your spot in the workshop**PRE-BOOK a 1-1 SESSION with Colby Rebel for Friday, June 5 2020: Contact us here on EVENTBRITE. Limited spots and be sure to invite a friend!

laurdag, 06. juni 2020, Oslo, Deeper Details -1 day Mediumship workshop with Colby in Oslo

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