08. august 2020 - 8:00
Oslo, Norway

Film Firearms, Kalashnikov specialist course, Oslo, Norway, laurdag, 08. august 2020

Firearms for film, Kalashnikov Specialist course

Students will be adhering to enhanced health and safety requirements with distance and hygiene. Gloves will be required.

The Basic SWAT course is aimed to educate actors, stunt people and stage fighters in how to operate firearms safely, and to appear as if their character has been trained how to use them. This is essential if you wish to play roles as armed police, military, or SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics)

The Kalash specialist course is intended to expand on our SWAT training, as most Film SWAT courses only train on the M4 platform. The Kalashnikov is the most prolific assault rifle in the world, and can be found in almost every conflict in the last 50 years, and is used by both bad guys and good guys. Special forces from western countries are also trained on the Kalashnikov as a battlefield pick up weapon or if going under cover.

The Kalashnikov specialist course includes:

Weapon familiarisation with Kalashnikov variants.

Magazine changes, different styles from flashy to speedy.

Weapon disassembly.

Tactical movement.

Shooting stances.


Associated equipment

Upgrades and modifications

Moving though our obstacle course with weapons.

And more...

We will use REAL Kalashnikovs guns that are deactivated, so you get used to the weight, and you’ll be dressed in battle kit so you look cool and can work as you would on set.

At the end of the course the students receive participation certificates and can take photos for their portfolios in full gear.

Places are limited to 11 for this course.

In the previous year we have been asked to provide firearms teams for several productions including, Netflix’s 22 July, NRK’s 22/7, TV3’s Rekyl, NRK’s new series Magnus, the Ylvis bothers’ Stories from Norway, Jørn Lier Horst’s Wisting and others. The teams we send usually include students who have attended our courses.

Our location will be in Oslo, Norway

Cost is NOK2500

or NOK 2200 for returning students / NSFS

Registration is open, but we will not be taking payments until all the details are finalised.


Places will be limited and allocated via first people to register and pay.

In event of the course being cancelled, students will be refunded.

laurdag, 08. august 2020, Oslo, Norway, Film Firearms, Kalashnikov specialist course

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