RESCHEDULED: FREE UCAS Application Workshop @ Handelsgymnasium Tuesday, October 22 @ 17:00, Oslo Handelsgymnasium, tysdag, 22. oktober 2019

2nd Annual Free UCAS Application Workshop @ Handelsgymnasium
RESCHEDULED to October 22

*** LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE, SEATS GIVEN ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS!! Last year we were completely full. It is important that you sign up if you want a seat.***

Get in-person live EXPERT help in filling out your UCAS application forms 

Get a head start on your applications to UK universities months before the January 15 deadline (Oxbridge, medical and dental program deadlines are October 15) for the UK

Get your UCAS letter of recommendation forms to your recommenders during the workshop instead of at the last minute just before Christmas when teachers and counselors are too busy.

Common Application Workshop Led by Kent Fernandez, CEO if Ivy Plus, who is an expert in international university admissions

Bring a computer and an internet connection (through your phone or a friends phone) to work on the applications online. We may have internet available.

We will go through the entire application LIVE so that each participant can leave with their application nearly entirely completed (we will not do the Personal Statement, and some participants may not have biographical information with them to complete the application, but they will be able to complete most of it).
To let us know your interest in participating please register for the workshop below.
About Ivy Plus
Ivy Plus is the leading international university admissions counseling and test preparation company in Scandinavia beginning our 10th application season. We have extensive experience preparing Scandinavian students for US, UK, Other European and Canadian college admissions success by guiding them on their applications and on higher test scores. We are proud of our 97% success rate in helping our clients get admitted to one of their top choice school. Our clients also get admitted to the best universities in the US and other countries every year and hundreds more. In the past 4 years alone we helped 13 of our clients get admitted to Cambridge, 8 to Oxford, 7 to Imperial, 8 to St. Andrews, and 7 to Edinburgh, as well as 13 to MIT, 11 to Harvard (5 this past year!), 5 to Stanford, 6 to CalTech, 5 to Penn, 5 to Columbia and hundreds of other universities in the UK, US and around the world. 

tysdag, 22. oktober 2019, Oslo Handelsgymnasium, RESCHEDULED: FREE UCAS Application Workshop @ Handelsgymnasium Tuesday, October 22 @ 17:00

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