The future of health tech: User-centered and tech enabled (OIW 2019), Møllergata 4, tysdag, 24. september 2019

An event for leaders within the health tech industry
This event is for leaders working in the health care industries, either public or private sector. Your interest lies in health tech innovation and how being user-centric and tech-enabled can contribute to more sustainable healthcare services.

The future of health tech: User-centered and tech-enabled
Technology alone will not ensure that new health tech will succeed sustainably. Endorsing the user perspective and safeguarding a careful consideration of the ethical impacts of new solutions are critical for successful sustainable health tech. Tech-enabled and user-centric, that’s the typical mindset of design thinkers. So we at EGGS design will share and discuss this topic with you at OIW.

Designing for trust in a complex domain
Healthcare is a domain of extreme contrast and complexity: The public sector meets the private. Skin meets technology. Life and death meet vanity. As the pace of change keeps picking up, we must get better at bridging the gap between the overwhelming possibilities and people’s best interests. We need to put people at the centre of the innovation process. We must ensure that users can and will trust the services. We must be aware of the possible ethical implications of innovation. So we need to use tech as an enabler and not as the definer of change. The future of successful health tech solutions summed up?  It’s about bridging the gap between complexity and vulnerability.

A combination of presentations and workshop activities
The event will be in a combination of presentations and workshop activities. The guests will be seated in groups at tables with designated table captains. Between each presentation the guests will be given workshop activities to collaborate on at their table, filling out sections on a pre-made plotted paper table cloth. The guests will not only get to know their tables mates professionally but will also get an impression of what it’s like to work with design methods; exchanging ideas, collaborating and co-creating together.

tysdag, 24. september 2019, Møllergata 4, The future of health tech: User-centered and tech enabled (OIW 2019)

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