The Start-up school: How to build a team, identify the market and create scalable products, SANDS lawfirm, onsdag, 25. september 2019

Join us for an inspiring and practical session with some of Norways most prominent entrepreneurs on what it takes to start a successful company! Unfortunately, most start-ups still fail, and we will address the top reasons why as well as some practical tips on what to do to avoid those errors.
We´re planning an engaging and interactive event where you get to ask your burning questions as we go, and the objective is that you will take home some very practical tips on what to do if you´re serious about building an international success company.
This event will be split into four main topics:
Session 1: Why the right team is everything and what to look for when building your team
Session 2: Idea validation, and why most startups fail because of insufficient stress testing
Session 3: Product development, how to build the right product to deliver to your market need
Session 4: Growth mindset and how to scale your company
If you´re thinking about choosing entrepreneurship, have started a company, or just are curious about what it takes to build something of international standard with true impact, then this is the event for you!

This event is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2019: Explorers, 23-27 September. Check out the full program on ! #oiw2019

onsdag, 25. september 2019, SANDS lawfirm, The Start-up school: How to build a team, identify the market and create scalable products

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