Welcome to Telia Full Stack Feast!, Sandakerveien 140, onsdag, 16. oktober 2019

Full Stack Feast October 16 from 2 to 3:30 pm is the third in a series of mini-conference style events for internal developers and designers in Telia Norway. We now also have the pleasure to invite you as a tech student or professional to join us, and get to know what happens inside of Telia.
This time you will get to learn more about:
Applying DevOps for Flutter/Mobile app development
Adopting DevOps in mobile app development can be a game-changer and ensures teams become more productive in terms of execution and collaboration. On the other hand, Flutter is a new technology for developing beautiful cross-platform mobile/web and embedded apps with a single code base from Google surpassing many similar technologies such as React Native and has been growing very rapidly. Nevertheless, there are many challenges while developing a mobile app, especially with Flutter such as CI/CD to Google Play and AppStore, bumping build or release version automatically, running test, checking code coverage, code style formatting, monitoring, crash analyzer, taking snapshots, running gold tests, code signing and sharing keys among team members effortlessly, writing change-logs. These are just some of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks which may lead an inconsistency too. Although this talk will demonstrate how each of the mentioned challenges can be solved while developing a Flutter app, most of the ideas can be reused for any kind of mobile app development in order to boost productivity as well as developers, stack holders, and client satisfaction.
Clojure: Why?!!!!Why would two Telia teams decide to ditch Java/Node.js for this little weird language? What is so special about it that some people that taste it don't want to go back, ever? Beware: live coding and potentially mind-changing experience awaits
Location: Our Cantina in Sandakerveien 140There will be provided pizza, snacks and something to drink for all who joins.
See you there!

onsdag, 16. oktober 2019, Sandakerveien 140, Welcome to Telia Full Stack Feast!

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